Coping with Fibromyalgia

Recent research paper related to fibromyalgia says:

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a syndrome characterized by widespread chronic pain. Its aetiology is still poorly understood, and there are no haematochemical or instrumental tests on which to base a diagnosis. Recent studies suggest that its pathogenesis may involve cytokines, in particular, chemokines – cytokines that regulate cell traffic under both physiological and pathological conditions. The aim of this study was to determine possible differences in the profile of systemic concentrations of chemokines between FM patients and healthy women (HW; controls).

Inflammatory Chemokines – A Diagnostic Biomarker for Fibromyalgia? [link]
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General good advice for rebuilding immunity and a stronger system:

…That’s why I always encourage those dealing with chronic health concerns to start with the basics. I suggest that they begin by including dark, leafy greens into their current meal plans. It doesn’t mean that their symptoms will magically disappear…

6 Proven Ways Leafy Greens Pack a Powerful Healing Punch for Fibromyalgia [link]
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Useful resources to consider:

“..Discover proven steps to cure the SOURCE of Fibromyalgia and eliminate its symptoms and regain your Health day by day… “:

natural remedy for fibromyalgia

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia: The Revolutionary Treatment That Can Reverse the Disease
by: R. Paul St. Amand
publisher: Grand Central Life & Style, published: 2012-05-29
ASIN: 1455502715
EAN: 9781455502714
sales rank: 29864
price: $5.52 (new), $5.41 (used)

Over a decade ago, Dr. R. Paul St. Amand, an experienced endocrinologist and UCLA assistant clinical professor, published his protocol for reversing fibromyalgia based on nearly half a century of research. This book offers Dr. St. Amand’s latest research on guaifenesin, an inexpensive, safe, an incresingly available medication that can help reverse the disease. The authors have seen symtpoms eliminated and normal quality of life restored in an astonishing 90 percent of pateints they treated with guaifenesin. Updated and revised with more patient anecdotes and a deeper understanding of symptoms, treatments, and results, readers will find:

–more information about the current treatment of fibromyalgia and what causes it
–new results from Dr. St. Amand’s studies about the efficacy of guafenesin treatment
–changes in disease protocol
–discussion of pharmaceuticals in treatment
–and much more

Fibromyalgia: A Guide to Understanding the Journey
by: Shelly Bolton
publisher: New Dawn Publishers, published: 2013-03-12
ASIN: 0615778844
EAN: 9780615778846
sales rank: 100186
price: $4.39 (new)

HELP, I’M FALLING APART!! This quick read is informative and entertaining, with personal stories and documented research. SOME COMMENTS FROM OTHER PEOPLE WITH FIBROMYALGIA: “The information was good and on point and will be very helpful…I was left with a nice sense of ‘belonging’.” -Lori “This really is spot on and it help me understand some of the things I experience with fibro.” -Rene “I want to get this for my family members to have!” -Amanda “you nailed it!” -Rene, AZ “Boy, did you hit the nail on the head.” -Vanessa “This book is definitely worth reading, whether you have fibro or just wanted to understand someone with it better.” -Chris “COVERS SO MUCH MORE THAN OTHER BOOKS: She writes in words that are easy to understand without lots of medical mumbo jumbo. A very easy read with lots/TONS of great information.” -Lesia AND HERE’S WHAT SOME FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS, AND OTHERS ARE SAYING: “I was also deeply moved by the courage to live with this kind of anguish, the courage to cope with it, the courage to share about it…I will never be able to see another TV ad without remembering what I learned…” -Gloriana “Very well done and so informative… I really had no idea of the severity of it.” -JB “Author has done great work to explain various symptoms and offer you perspective of a patient with this often lifelong condition…If you know someone who is suffering from fibromyalgia or you even suspect it might be your own condition, pick up this book and learn more” -Rob Please Note: A percentage of the revenue generated from the sale of this book will go to the research for treatment and cure for Fibromyalgia ( ).

Figuring out Fibromyalgia: Current science and the most effective treatments
by: Ginevra Liptan
publisher: Visceral Books LLC, published: 2011-01-15
ASIN: 0982833970
EAN: 9780982833971
sales rank: 34413
price: $9.96 (new), $7.64 (used)

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized by widespread muscle pain and fatigue that affects 6-10 million people in the United States. Huge progress in research over the past decade has established dysfunction in sleep, pain, and the stress response in fibromyalgia. Current research suggests that the muscle pain of fibromyalgia may be generated from the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding each muscle of the body. As medical understanding of fibromyalgia has increased, so have our treatment options. With the unique perspective of a physician studying fibromyalgia “from the inside,” Dr. Liptan explains the most up-to-date science and guides you to the most effective treatments from both conventional and alternative medicine.

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