Natural Arthritis Remedies

Arthritis affects an increasing number of people worldwide. The pain and imobility caused by arthritic conditions can be considerable and can lead to a severly reduced quality of life for the sufferer. Understandably perhaps there is a tendency for those who suffer the pain of arthritis constantly to try to avoid doing things — making movements — that aggravate their discomfort. Yet this can lead to reduced levels of general flexibilty and avoidance of regular exercise that then contributes to causing deterioration in muscle tone and strength, potentially further worsening the problem… an unpleasant vicious circle!

It is also common for arthritis pain to lead the sufferer to seek any or all possible means, treatments, remedies for alleviating arthritis problems. Some of the options on the market may be useful, whilst others may well have little or no effect. Almost all treatment for arthritis, whether topically applied, ingested or mechanical or externally used devices are quite costly… adding another kind of pain to the lives of those who already suffer enough.

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The likelihood is that arthritis is a degenerative disease that can often be related to long-term negative lifetsyle choices/habits/issues (such as poor diet, little/no or wrong type of exercise, experiencing regular or constant stress, etc) … The good news, if this is the case for you, is that by changing certain habits a substantial amount of relief from arthritis pain can be achieved.

Arthritis involves an inflammatory response that causes particular pain in the joints. Some may find particular areas of the body prone to arthritic symptoms — the knees, the fingers and feet/toes seem especially vulnerable. But arthritis can also be traced as the cause of chronic back pain for some and of coures this too can make life a misery. Indeed any joint may be subject to arthritic symptoms and the triggers that cause arthritis to occur may be many and varied.

There is also the issue of the difference between Osteo-arthritis — which is essentialy due to aging and caused by wear and tear on the joints; and Rheumatoid arthritis — which is an autoimmune disease leading the body’s immune system mistakenly to attack its own healthy tissue. There are some big questions to ask about how ad why this happens and dosm amy be traced back to genetics, although other environmental issues and stresses probably play a vital role in causing the onset of this debilitating disease.

Here we present some articles and advice about arthrirtis collated from various sources in the hopes that they might provide inspiration or ideas that can help you (or someone you know), as an arthritis sufferer, to find some relief from the burden of arthritis, and some alleviation of the misery of arthritis symptoms.

Our particular interest is, of course, in natural remedies for arthritis, and natural treatment for arthritis that reduce the need for using pharmaceutical solutions that may not suit everyone. We seek to find arthritis pain relief methods that can complement those regimes that may have been prescribed by your doctor or a medical specialist.

Of course none of the advice provided in articles here on the website can be construed as ‘medical advice’ — and in general we always advise that you undertake your own full due diligence before using any products, equipment or making other interventions to try to treat arthritis (or any ailment!)… Also remember that it is always best to consult with your medical advisor in order to ensure yourself that they are happy, and concur with the initiative you are taking.

in general Arthritis responds to a positive frame of mind — and taking responsibility for your own health and making a choice to change poor life-style habits and improve your way of living can only be a positive and helpful thing in reducing the impact of arthritis on your life.