The Natural Remedy site features a range of publications and products that purport to provide alternative treatments, remedies or solutions for common and often debilitating conditions.

It is acknowledged that ‘so-called’ modern medicine can often provide ‘quick fixes’ in terms of alleviating symptoms of some chronic conditions, but the aim of many if not all medicinal products is to provide support over the long-term, and whilst they may help to assuage the discomfort of a particular condition there is an also the aim of ensuring ongoing profits for those pharmaceutical companies who manufacture said products.

In many cases people can indeed find self-help solutions that may provide equally efficacious if not better than using chemically concocted creams, pills, ointments or other over-the-counter remedies! Almost all pharmaceutical solutions also come with the added burden of causing side effects for a proportion of users that can sometimes be worse than the original condition itself and at the very least make continued use impossible unless additional drugs are also taken!

We have tried to provide links and information about some of those products that have been tried and tested by many users as alternatives to pharmaceutical therapy. Most products have substantial testimonial proof that for some users, at least, they have proven very effective. It may be that you to could be one of those for whom, following the advice or using the natural remedies outlined in the books and products we suggest here, could benefit enormously — and usually at one-off-cost — not the ongoing cost of having to keep on purchasing new supplies of symptom-controlling synthetic chemical, pharmaceutical products.

NOTE: We are NOT doctors, nor do we suggest or intend to suggest that you fail to access and consider the advice of your own health practitioners whenever you suffer any illness. If you think you may be suffering an illness you are always advised to seek prompt medical advice at your earliest opportunity.

But we also remind you that it is you who are ultimately responsible for your own health and when you find that certain conditions persist, or that pharmaceutical solutions prove ineffective, than you might wish to consider alternative natural remedies and treatments, and if you do this you are always advised to use your own common-sense and undertake full due-diligence in determining whatever products you try, or whatever advice you follow. But to repeat — You should always take advice from your medical doctor before changing the way you may be treating/or planning to treat your health problem.

We only ever suggest that you take a closer look at natural treatment products that provide a full-money back guarantee. We also request that you check out our obligatory privacy statement, required disclaimer and our transparent affiliate information prior to making any purchases. It is assumes herewith that you will have done this and that you understand we cannot be held responsible in any way for any advice, products or other information gleaned from sites to which we may link but over which we have no control.

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